Airborne RADAR Transceiver
Model RCX-1

Manufactured by General Communications Company of Boston Mass.
I opened up a different one and its filled with "peanut" vacuum tubes, and very neatly packed circuitry!

A view of the whole cylinder

The adjustments

The end with the connector in place

The end with the connector removed

Mount in the direction of flight


This is for one missle or aircraft-mounted "REC-XMTR-RADAR" unit with a NEW "Amhenol 165-14" Connector supplied with it for the one, 9-pin connector on it (I do not have pin-out info) The only other connector on it is a BNC connector.

Here is a list of the units' hand-written labels with the following info:

  • RX 2850 -40DB
  • TX 2900
  • PW 8uSEC
  • 60 watts
  • RX 2850 -35DB
  • TX 2900
  • PW 6uSEC
  • 70 watts
  • RX xxxx -35DB
  • TX 2900
  • PW 6uSEC
  • 70 watts
  • RX xxxx -35DB
  • TX 2900
  • PW 6uSEC
  • 70 watts

Your Unit may or may not have this info labeled and might have slightly different (but SIMILAR) RX and TX numbers and other specs (I have MANY of them). I will send out the labled ones first then the unlabled ones. They are all the same model #. They are complete and un-opened and un-tampered with. With minor scatches and some of the silk-screened writing is comming off but is still readable.

The units' barrel has adjustments for:

  • Pulse Width
  • plus other unmarked adjustments

Unit is 8 5/8inches long and 2 1/2inches in diameter. It has a marking on it: "Mount in direction of flight" with an arrow. The unit is Tube-Type being filled with "peanut" vacuum tubes. I do not know how old these are, or what they were mounted on. If YOU Know about them Please email me (click here) I would like to know more!


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