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A 2nd Pixar Image Computer


Another Pixar Image Computer - Model 820204

Pixar Image Computer

Now you can see it at the Computer Museum of America (CMoA)

Pixar Computer Image

Model 820204. Includes 5 manuals

Klipsch Cornwall II speaker System

Cornwall Image

Klipsch Cornwall II speaker system - CIRCA 1963

Paragon 12A Preamplifier

Paragon Image

Paragon 12A PreAmp fully rebuilt

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Twin Reverb Image

Fender Twin Reverb Description
1970's SilverFace, With JBL OrangeBacks

Memorex 9-Track Data Tapes
Sold out

Memorex 9-Track Data Tapes Image

Full Case of 10 tapes Sold out