Cornwall II Speaker System

Klipsch Cornwall II's made in 1963

These are the 264th pair made. Oiled walnut finish and classic cane grills,
Cosmetically, they are fairly good except for the side that sits on the floor because they do not have the "stand".

The pair

The classic Logo

Lable 1

Label 2

Inside one

Woofwer label

Midrange Horn Label

Tweeter Label

The Crossover network


Klipsch Cornwall 1963 Vintage HI-Fi Speakers RARE, Oiled Walnut, Cane Grills

Sale Includes:
Two Original Klipsch Cornwall II Speakers (from 1963, w/ rare factory original Oiled Walnut veneer & Cane grills)

For the last 60+ years Klipsch has been one of the top loudspeaker manufacturers in the world. Their success is undoubtedly attributed to their devotion and adherence to the principals company founder Paul W. Klipsch instilled into his company in the early 40’s.
Paul Klipsch is one of the founding fathers of Hi-fidelity, his contributions to speaker design and audio technology as a whole still serve as the cornerstone of the entire audio industry. In fact it is no coincidence that the term High-Fidelity was coined about the same time he started producing his legendary speaker systems. His 1946 invention of the Klipschorn speaker system was the world’s first true High-Fidelity system. It was the first time a speaker was able to reproduce the entire frequency range with unerring fidelity in a home setting.
Paul Klipsch was a verifiable genius who holds patents in the fields of geophysics, ballistics and acoustics. His contributions to the world of audio have not gone unnoticed; he received the Audio Engineering Society's highest honor, the prestigious Silver Medal, for his contributions to speaker design and distortion measurement. He was inducted into several “Hall of Fames”, including the Science & Industry Hall of Fame with the likes of Alfred Einstein, the Audio Hall of Fame, the Consumer Electronics Hall of fame, and the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame, an honor shared by Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver and the Wright brothers. Additionally, the New Mexico State University engineering department was renamed the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in honor of Paul W. Klipsch who graduated from NMSU in 1926.
The Klipsch Cornwall is hands down one of the most memorable and well-liked speaker systems in existence. Originally released in 1959 with a production run until 1990, they have undoubtedly left their mark on the world of audio. The demand for the Cornwall system was so great Klipsch re-released the Mk III incarnation of this system, which is currently available for a $4,400.00 price tag for a pair.
More than any other, Cornwall owners are extremely devout to their speaker of choice, and after one audition it is easy to see why. The Cornwall conveys music in typical Klipsch fashion, hard-hitting, full-force, widely dynamic, and incredibly pleasant-sounding. Whether positioned in the corner or along a wall bass response is deep and detailed. Mid and high frequency ranges are also cleanly and accurately depicted with the assertiveness that is unique to horn speakers. Horn loaded drivers present the power, emotion, and true dynamics of music; this is a quality that the usual direct radiator speakers cannot replicate. Additionally, the Cornwall is very efficient, allowing you to reach concert level sound with a relatively small amount of power. One watt of power will produce a staggering 98.5 dB of undistorted high-quality sound.

This particular pair of Cornwall speakers have some unique factory variations, that together make them rare. these include;
Cornwall Verticals: Speakers have what is known as the vertical driver alignment. This is a factory original variation that allows for speaker placement on their sides, as well as normal positioning.
Cane Grilles: Klipsch used cloth & cane style grilles, though the cane grilles were a rarer variation
1963 Build Date: these speakers are the 264th set manufactured in 1963. Built during the golden era of Klipsch! Contains Alnico drivers, metal horns, Void-free birch plywood construction, fixed grilles
K-77 High Frequency Driver/Horn: This is the original EV manufactured version of the famed compression driver /horn tweeter used in generations of Klipsch and Electro- Voice speaker systems. It gives you vivid, sparkling high frequency detail beyond the range of audibility. You hear a sharply focused, lifelike stereo image. Dynamic range is breathtaking. Distortion is nowhere to be heard. Additionally this has the large Alnico magnet with grey finish and polished horn.
K-55-V Alnico Mid Range Driver/K600 Metal Horn : Original Atlas produced Alnico Driver.. Midrange frequencies are the most critical to your enjoyment of music. In the Cornwall, these frequencies are capably handled by a powerful, smooth sounding compression driver/horn assembly. This midrange driver assists the Cornwall, in delivering an amazing 98.5 decibels of sound pressure when operating on just one watt of input power. This results in awesome dynamic range and distortion free response
K-33-J Woofer: Klipsch utilized many different brand woofers in the Cornwall system, though the “J” version very well may be the most famous. It was manufactured by Jensen and is a slightly modified P15LL. The P15LL has been used in many of the great golden era Jensen speaker systems as well as the bass foundation of the Leslie speaker that revolutionized the Hammond organ sound. It provides incredibly detailed, full-bodied bass that is not only heard but felt!
Type 2-R Crossover: The passive crossover network of the Cornwall is a vital component to the overall performance of the system and is a classic example of the KLIPSCH dedication to engineering excellence. This network takes incoming electrical information and assigns it to the proper driver to achieve the smoothest frequency response.

  • Specifications:
  • Frequency Response --- 38Hz-20kHz +/-5dB
  • Sensitivity --- 98.5dB @ 1watt/1meter
  • Power Handling --- 105 watts maximum continuous (1000 watts peak)
  • Nominal Impedance --- 8 ohms
  • Enclosure --- Bass reflex via front-mounted port
  • Dimensions --- 25 1/4" W x 16” D x 38" H
  • Weight --- 92.5 lbs. each unpacked
Condition: Speakers are coming form the original owner. All drivers have been tested and they are all operating without problems. Woofer cones are in great condition no tears or issues. System as a whole sounds amazingly great. Cosmetically there is some light finish scratches and scuffs, There is no "stand" therefore the side that sits on the floor is badly marred and scratched, totally out of sight in normal use. You can notice some nicks and scratches. Please see pics for further details..


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